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The Rotary Club of Easton’s Flags for Heroes fundraiser is an annual event that provides an amazing visual display of American flags throughout the town of Easton during Memorial Day weekend. Flags are placed at the Talbot County Community Center, Idlewild Park and Black and Decker Field in Easton, Maryland.


When Flags for Heroes began in 2012, the goal was to create a fundraiser that would engage the entire community while reminding us of the true meaning of Memorial Day—a time to remember, celebrate, and recognize the heroes that have served and sacrificed for our freedom.


Thanks to the generosity of our community, our display has grown each year. Just as important, we have been able to provide needed funds to worthy organizations in our area, all of them serving the heroes in our midst. Learn more about the local impact of Flags for Heroes.

Over the past year, our world, our country, and our community have faced some of the most challenging and uncertain of times. During this time, the Rotary Club of Easton has not stopped working to fulfill its mission of “Service above Self”. This year, as we celebrate our club’s Centennial and the 10th Anniversary of Flags for Heroes, we remain committed to displaying over 1,000 flags throughout our community over Memorial Day weekend.

Over the past nine years and, due to the generous support of people like you, we have raised and donated back to the heroes in our community over $400,000. Long time Rotarian Jack Anthony shared a sentiment many of us share:

This Rotary Club has been a great part of my entire life. My father, J. Howard Anthony, was an Easton Rotarian, so I grew up with his great example of community service. My twin brother Joe was also a longtime Rotarian and Past President of this Club. Both of my sons, David and Jed, are current members; as for me, my life as a Rotarian began 50 years ago in 1971. As the Rotary Club of Easton is celebrating 100 years of community service, I am most proud of our Flags for Heroes Project. Each year as I walk through the hundreds of flags honoring our individual and personal heroes, I am moved to tears of gratitude and remembrance. I remember my Great Uncle Donald Anthony who lost his life at Belleau Wood in WWI. I remember my Uncle Bill Anthony, a most decorated Army Officer at Anzio in WWII. I remember my father-in-law Capt. Edward E. Sallada and his service in the Army Air Corps in Burma. I also proudly think of my grandson, Ryan Anthony, currently serving as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. This is my family and this is my community. I am so thankful for both. Heroes are all around us. They may be military, first responders, or medical personnel, but mostly they are ordinary individuals helping to make our lives extraordinary. The Rotary Club of Easton honors all those who have given so much to others.

We are aware that during these times making donations is difficult, so this year we are asking you to determine what you can contribute. The enclosed individual sponsor form has listed the amounts we have requested in the past, but again, any contribution is appreciated.

As for our corporate sponsors, we understand how difficult these times have been on your business. If you are able to maintain your past giving level, we appreciate the sacrifice. If not, we appreciate any amount you are able to contribute. Thank you for your support of Flags for Heroes and God Bless.

Flags for Heroes is a project of the Easton Rotary's Youth and Community Fund, a 501 c3 non-profit organization.


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